Power wheels motor amps


This entry was posted on April 14, by Darren Somerville. What changed with the Power Wheels 12 Volt battery? Back in the fall of we were grumbling over the enormous price increase instituted by Fisher Price for their Power Wheels batteries.

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As battery specialists this price increase was not unexpected; lead prices rose steadily over the previous 18 months. But ultimately, the price increase was not the big shocker.

power wheels motor amps

As we received our latest Power Wheels battery shipment I thought I noticed something different. The cartons, each containing six volt batteries, seemed to be heavier.

I initially wrote that off as me getting older and weaker. As the team started packing the individual orders, I immediately homed in on a visible alteration—the stickers had changed! The all gray colored battery with red silk screening and red font stickers now had blue colored stickers. The new Power Wheels logo with the lightning bolt prominently displays by itself on one side of the battery. There was no other distracting information around the logo. My curiosity definitely peaked.

I began scanning for the battery specification label. I needed to confirm my suspicion. Comparing the information side-by-side I confirmed the model number remained the same: The nominal voltage obviously remained at twelve volts. The batteries are still being manufactured by Leoch for Fisher Price.

The capacity however, was indeed different! The original Power Wheels 12 volt battery listed its capacity as 9.

Power Wheels Battery

This new version with the blue stickers now stated it had 12 Ah of capacity. Higher capacity means longer runtimes between charges. To increase capacity, you must increase lead content.

Lead is heavy, so these batteries should weigh more than their predecessor. I promptly went over to the scales. The red labeled battery was in our system as weighing about 9 lbs. These new blue sticker batteries weighed in at 9. This was the confirmation I was looking for, I am not getting weaker! We are not the only ones that noticed this change this week. These battery specialists in Canada also took note and produced this short 38 second video.

If you are in the market for a new 12 volt Power Wheels battery we would encourage you to click on over to our product page and add it to your cart. If it has a blue sticker you know it is fresh.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: January 9, References. Power Wheels cars are fun toys for your little ones but if they want add just a bit more pep or have grown out of the slow pace, adding a new motor or battery can be the solution.

Aftermarket batteries are cost effective and electric motors are very common as they are found inside radio controlled toys. Both options provide a quality upgrade to your Power Wheels car. To make your Power Wheels faster, install a new motor by first removing its wheels, unscrewing the motor, and wiggling the cylinder-shaped motor free.

Then, insert a solder-free spade connector to the pin of the brushless motor. To finish off, thread the wheels back onto your Power Wheels and enjoy your faster car. For more tips, including how to install an aftermarket battery to make your Power Wheels faster, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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Installing an Aftermarket Battery. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Open the motor of your Power Wheels car.

Flip your car upside down and remove the wheels to access the black motor hardware. Remove the motor by loosening the screws using the proper screwdriver, and wiggling the cylinder-shaped motor until it comes free.

Motor & Gearbox Information

Check the compatibility of your Power Wheels motor.This kit converts any 12v grey battery Power Wheels to 24 volts and allows you to go back to 12 volts whenever you want. Includes a 24 volt charger that will recharge the batteries in 6 hours. Indicator light to let you know when batteries are charged and conditioner so you don't ruin the batteries over the winter. Just unscrew the white battery retainer bracket and toss it aside. New Corvette owners can relocate batteries under the seat.

Spade Connections or Soldered Connections: Spade connections give you the flexibility of easily changing a single battery from your pack to replace a bad one or change to a different voltage.

Soldered connections give the strongest physical attachment and the best possible electrical connection for reducing amperage draw. Each battery is: Length: 5. If your battery compartment doesn't have this much room consider using our 24 Volt Dune Racer Conversion Kit instead which separates the 2 batteries into 2 different compartments. For vehicles not made by Power Wheels you'll need to change your car's battery connector to the one linked on this page sold separately.

Batteries can not be sent 3rd, 2nd or Next Day Air for hazmat purposes. Orders placed as such will be switched to Priority Mail. View Your Cart. Spare Fuses. Spade or Soldered Connection. Soldered Connection Spade Connection. Recommended Accessories. Power Wheels 12v Male Connector.

Four Point Safety Harness. Conversion kit for 12V to 24V. Great product. View All Customer Reviews.Cart Contents. Sorry, we are no longer accepting new orders at this time. Please contact us about an existing order.

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Razor Parts Over parts with user friendly diagrams Search Now. Featured Products. Power Wheels - Retainer Cap Nut. View More. Peg Perego Parts Overhaul Kits Upgrade Kits Accessories and Extras Combo Deals Train Track Decal Sheets Misc Small Parts Steering, Axles, and Related Hood, Trim, and Body Shifters, Switches, and Wiring User Manuals and Instructions.

Power Wheels Parts Sticker Sheets Hardware and Small Parts Razor Parts Wheels, Tires, and Related Motors, Gearboxes, and Chains Toys Toys Parts. LED Light Kits Single Color Light Kits Multi-Color Light Kits Flashing Light Kits Pedal PoweredI want to add an additional answer to the ESP Support reply.

You can wire in a potentiometer on the throttle signal wire. I've recently done this. Works really well. I've read on some other forums that you can't do that, but I can tell you it definitely works. Mine is a hall effect foot pedal.

Get the 10ohm. The other option is getting a controller that has one built in. I got one of those from our host here.

We won't discuss why I have had to buy multiple controllers though. A 24 Volt Watt controller can handle a Watt load continuously however will output a Watt load intermittently for extra power to get up short inclines and accelerate from a dead stop. As long as the two motors connected to a Watt controller were geared and used in a manner where they do not exceed Watts of continuous power draw then the Watt controller would not overheat and be reliable.

Keep in mind that when overvolting a With our controllers for brushed motors, when a brake switch is connected to the controller and used the controller will shut off the motors, however, it will not apply any braking force to the motor. I think that is what the motor braking of Power Wheels does, but I'm not sure. How can we help you today? Enter your search term here New support ticket.

Check ticket status. Larry Wolosek Jr started a topic over 5 years ago. I have heard of other guys doing this to their kids' power wheels but I myself do not know exactly what parts to buy to make this work. I have added 2 lawn mower style batteries wired in series to give it 24 volts and it really moves!

But I am worried my kids will either fry the motors or burn up the gears from receiving such a jolt when the pedal is pressed.Who didn't want a Power Wheels car as a kid?! I bought a used Power Wheels truck on Craigslist as a restoration project.

Here it is in all its dirty glory!

How to upgrade Power Wheels / 18 Volts on a 40,000RPM MOTOR!

I also got a pink convertible, but that's a separate project. I used WD40 to clean off the stickers. If you have to hose down the truck, make sure to cover the motors with some plastic bags so water doesn't get inside.

The truck had a lot of sun fade and scratches so I wanted to clean it up before I put the new electronics in. You have to use a spray paint that can adhere to plastics. I tried Krylon Super Maxx and it came out very nice. The battery that came with the truck was dead, so I bought a new one. It only had spade connectors, so I soldered some wires to the approriate connectors to connect and disconnect from the battery.

I left the fuse from the previous battery in the line for protection. What is PWM? This is mathematically represented as a rectangular pulse train whos average value changes proportional to the duty cycle. This average value is what delivers power to the motor.

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As long as the frequency is high enough, the motor will not be affected by the rapid on and off switching. I cut the previous connector off the old battery so I could use it to connect the motor controller to the existing wiring harness, shown as a blue connector below. The wiring is fairly simple for the controller. Just make sure to use large wire and spades if possible to get solid connection using the screw terminals.

Also keep in mind there is a switch inside the unit that controls the direction, so if you wire it backwards you can always flip the switch. The switch can also shut off the motor controller, so if the motor isn't working make sure the switch didn't get bumped during assembly which I did many times!

power wheels motor amps

The motor controller is controlled using the dial on the front. If you take the motor controller apart, this dial is attached to a fairly long ribbon cable. I mounted the motor controller next to the battery. I wanted to control the speed from the driver seat, so I took advantage of this ribbon cable length to mount the dial on the dashboard. On my motor controller, I found that the ribbon cable was soldered poorly to the dial, so I was getting intermittent connections.

I resoldered the connections and it worked fine.

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You could also incorporate speed control into the pedal if you have a potentieter type pedal laying around. The following picture shows the various items under the hood.Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason.

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power wheels motor amps

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