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free vce chemistry notes

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. User: Password: Login. Warning: This is going to be quite lengthy! So make sure you've got a comfy seat, make yourself a nice warm tea or coffee, and hopefully enjoy the read! Introduction Chemistry was one of my favourite subjects throughout my Year 12 experience. I didn't deeply understand many of the concepts, and simply didn't spend the time thoroughly learning and practicing what we were learning in class.

Should I have picked another subject? Will I regret neglecting studying units 1 and 2? I'd spoken to quite a few friends about this who were feeling the same way too. Although it did have some invaluable advice, much of this was dated, back to as early as I remember having wished for something more recent and comprehensive to help guide me, and if nothing else, allay a few of my concerns. Being lucky enough to receive a 50 in Chem, I thought I'd write some form of a guide for the current study design or any future study designs, this guide isn't content specifichopefully of which can be used by future Chemistry students to as a platform to begin their journey.

I have always and will always stress the need to spend a significant portion of your holidays unwinding; whether it be enjoying time with friends and family, throwing yourself head first into a hobby or project, or lazing around and sleeping through the afternoon I did too much of thisit is vital for both your health and your academic results that you enjoy the holidays and come into the first week of Year 12 refreshed, to avoid burnout during the long road ahead.

However, that is not to say that you shouldn't take advantage of all this free time you find yourself with. I spent a few hours of my summer break working my way through Unit 3, reading the textbook and answering the textbook questions.

I have always found that I learn best by first exposing myself to content at home, and instead spending class time to consolidate rather than learn. However, I also found that being too far ahead can be confusing; it can be difficult to divide attention between what you're learning in class and what you're studying to stay ahead.

All things considered, I would still encourage you to try and get a head start. I will however, generally suggest you don't try to cover the entire course. I can't imagine being able to comprehensively complete the chemistry course and meet all your other VCE commitments whilst still having enough time to relax over the short, 6 week summer break.

By no means does this mean you shouldn't have a light read over the entire course if you feel so inclined, but I'd strongly recommend against trying to learn all of it, you've got the best part of 9 months ahead to do that. In general, I think time is better used learning the first couple of topics really well, through answering any textbook questions, watching some online videos, and constructing some summary notes, so that when you return to school, you won't need to consolidate in class and can instead move onto the next topic.

Whilst studying ahead can be beneficial, perhaps an even more important use of your time on the holidays is to set yourself up for the year ahead. This may include setting goals, and scheming up a 'plan of attack' that will enable you to achieve them. I think its also an optimal time of the year to read as many guides and seek as much advice as you can, whilst also considering whether or not you'd benefit from additional resources as tutoring. If nothing else, I'd encourage everyone to at some point on the holidays, to write down what they want to get out of VCE, and then how they plan to achieve it.

Whatever you do, set a goal; in my experience it made it easier to stay focused and make it through the year. My school used Heinemann, and I found generally very good, containing in depth explanations for most topics, as well as some great chapter questions.

We’ve got VCE notes that you can download for free.

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Cancel online, anytime.Login Register. Search the forums now! Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. User: Password: Login. Author Topic: Practice Exams - Where to get them for free? Med Students Online. School Grad Year: Cheers Mr Study. KevinooBz Guest. Are there any links for places to buy the other KBT papers sine they disbanded?

Quote from: KevinooBz on April 14,pm. Quote from: VegemitePi on April 14,pm.

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Would it be remiss to say that the TSFX exams maybe aren't worth doing as a priority? At least for chemistry, anyway.

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Quote from: charmanderp on September 04,pm. Very useful thank you. Quote from: Lala on September 28,pm. Another thing - don't forget to do the VCAA sample exam that's available for each subject as well! It's found on the same page as the past exams. Do any of you guys know where to get English Language exams? I've searched many companies like Neap and stuff but only engage has them. Whether legit or not I can't find any and it's really annoying me Pi, since you're around briefly, could you please add these AN user-produced exams?

Methods: Cosine's Exam 1 for Methods!Examination specifications pdf - Sample written examination pdf - 1. Data book pdf - 1. The following examinations relate to the current VCE Chemistry study design and other curriculum materials. Students and teachers should note that, with the introduction of a new study design, the following examination papers are not necessarily a guide to the current VCE examination in this study.

free vce chemistry notes

Past examinations are made available after any copyright issues are finalised. The Chief Assessor prepares examination reports summarising student performance in past examinations.

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Turn off Animations. Turn on Animations. Rollup Image. Page Content. Examination specifications and sample materials Examination specifications pdf - Year Past examination papers Examination reports Exam pdf - 1. Exam pdf - 1. Exam pdf - Exam pdf - 1, Exam 1 pdf - Exam 1 pdf - kb Exam 2 pdf - We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. To download from the iTunes Store, get iTunes now. Overview Music Video Charts.

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free vce chemistry notes

View More from This Institution. Course Description Unit 4 includes a choice of a chemical selected from a prescribed list to illustrate the factors that affect production and contains new material on waste management, health and safety and sustainability of energy sources fuels generally and in Victoria in particular.

Emphasis on energy transformations is maintained with a focus on the principles of redox and electrolysis in predicting reactions and products in fuels, batteries and cells. Industrial chemistry focuses on the factors that affect the rate and extent of a chemical reaction. Students explore the production and uses of a chemical selected from a list supplied and explore how knowledge of the factors affecting rate and equilibrium are applied to achieve the optimum reaction conditions in the industrial production of chemicals.

Supplying and using energy focuses on our use of different energy resources and students evaluate the extent of the reserves of some of these resources. Students construct and operate simple galvanic and electrolytic cells and use the electrochemical series to predict and explain their results. Customer Ratings We have not received enough ratings to display an average for this course. More from Caulfield Grammar School.

Summary Report Focus Questions View in iTunes. Galvanic test - Solutions. Revision Questions — Electrochemistry. Exam Practice Questions: Batteries. Exam Practice Questions: Batteries Solutions.

Focus Questions - Summary Report Summary Report Galvanic Cells Test Ammonia SAC Solutions. The Haber Process Crossword 27K. Ammonia Production.Started by pi. Started by zsteve. Started by lonelywhale. Started by tigerclouds. Started by emboyle.


Started by thatdumbstudent. Started by withez. Started by SS Started by Sinead Started by Geoo. Started by Failingvce. Started by KatieWolf. Started by redset8. Started by kat Locked Topic Sticky Topic Poll. Login Register. Search the forums now! Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Search This board Entire forum Google S. User: Password: Login. Chemistry question threads: how to type chemistry on the forums!

Making some chemistry summaries and questions send topic suggestions Started by emboyle. When calculating the voltage of a galvanic cell, why don't you double the E.? Molar Volume question Started by tigerclouds.

Energy density Started by withez. Should I make notes? Neap for Chem? Depressed about chemistry mark Started by Failingvce. Subscribe to Webslice. April 13,pm by Geoo.

free vce chemistry notes

August 22,pm by zsteve. April 11,pm by lonelywhale. April 09,pm by tigerclouds. April 04,pm by Ionic Doc.

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April 04,am by thatdumbstudent. April 03,pm by whys. April 03,pm by tigerclouds. April 03,am by withez. April 02,pm by colline.SinceATAR Notes has delivered more than free lectures in Victoria alone, helping thousands of students with their studies.

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Registering for this lecture will give you an advantage over other students. It can help by giving you:. But only if you register! Focusing on key content from the study design, this lecture will run you through what you need to know, plus tips and tricks from a past high-achiever. Those who register will receive an exclusive link to the lecture stream, providing them with access to the live lecture, the chance to ask their lecturer questions, and an opportunity to get ahead.

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